Alright Boys, Let's Roll

Lately I've been trying to reach my full potential, so I made a gif this week.
Check out the t-shirt too on Threadless


25 Years of Movie Magic

It's been quite a journey, but as of June 30th I've arrived to see the 25th year of my life. As my birthday gift to the world I've unearthed these gems that Nick and I made back in our golden days of living in DC. I considered posting Nick's nature documentary "Call of the Wild," a five second epic chronicling our cats behavior in the litter box, but the world might have to wait. In the meantime let's enjoy these glimpses into the past.


Back On The Stand Up Scene

Wow. I just realized I really failed to deliver on my resolution to post more on this site. If it helps though I decided to get back into stand up after a very long hiatus, so you might be able to at least catch me on stage.

Last night I performed at All Pro Pizza, a little pizza joint here in Visalia California. Check out my short set below:

I'm still working out the rust that's built up over time and have some kinks to get through, but I'm glad for the experience and am excited to dive right into it. Look close and you might notice that at some point in the video above I reached into my pocket for my little paper with notes and realized it was gone. Kind of threw me for a loop, but having it was more of a comfort thing than something I really wanted to read off of. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more!


New Years Resolution

I decided my resolution this year is to actually write on this blog more. Seeing that it's already January 6th, it's about time I finally made due.

Last night Beth was trying to figure out how to have her hair cut, and being as technically savvy as she is, she found a "virtual makeover" program on Elle Magazine's Website. Considering that my other resolution is to be more active with my wife's interests I decided to support her in doing it myself.

Hence this little doozy featuring myself with Sarah Jessica Parker's hair:

Not unlike Fabio actually. Except with less eye-liner.

Shortly after showing this to Beth she was kind enough to inform me that I take enough of an interest as it is, probably too much of an interest, and she recommended I delete any evidence of this lest it would appear on the internet, specifically this blog where I'm posting it now. Happy New Year Everybody.