I took my baby to the first Tulare Sci Fi Con and it was everything I hoped for and more...

If you thought a baby would be scared of meeting a Dark Lord, I have news for you. He's more scared of my scraggly facial hair. As are most people who see me.

Shiloh, at the ripe age of ten weeks, tagged along with his mom and dad to the first Tulare Sci-Fi Con at the International Ag Center. Technically, it's not actually the first local sci-fi con, but it is the first to officially take place in the area in the last 15 years.

Was it crowded? Yes, and no. It's hard to gage how crowded a convention is when it's held in a warehouse that's usually crammed with massive tractors, but I saw a steady stream of Siths, Jedi's, Starship Enterprise crew members, caped crusaiders, and notorious villians. It was a veritable who's Dr. Who's of sci-fi and comic book icons.

As for us, we decided that now with Shiloh out in the open, a bursting "Alien" themed costume would've only been relevant ten weeks ago. Instead we went with the classic E.T., an idea that was thankfully simple for Shiloh and myself since I only needed to wear a red hoodie, and he just needed to be draped in one of his baby blankets.

Beth assumed the role she's best known for playing: an inanimate object. Her previous roles include the chocolate river from "Willy Wonka."

As I fanagled a way to strap the baby carrier through a milk crate, she worked her magic to paint a moon. Just so you know, painting a moon is surprisingly difficult, even for an art student like her.

Considering all the white and black paint she used, maybe she should have gone as fifty shades of grey (zing!)...sorry.

With our costumes ready we set off to explore the great unknown in the far reaches of the galaxy about 20 minutes away. Upon landing we first questioned if we were in the right place after being passed by a group of people in pirate constumes, but luckily all of our fears were put to ease immediately upon meeting...


Yes, only mere minutes after stepping out of my car, I was able to check off an item I didn't even know existed on my bucket list: Talk to a guy dressed as Worf from "Star Trek." Let me tell you, right then, at that moment, I knew that this trip was worth all the effort.

I was there on assignment, of course. So don't miss seeing video of us on the scene: