You're So Money Baby...

You don't even know it.

Why might I embroider this?

'cause there's nothing wrong with letting the ladies know that you're money, and you wanna party.

I discovered two things while making this.
A. Quotes from the 1995 movie Swingers take friggin forever to embroider.
B. No one I've met out here has actually seen the 1995 movie Swingers.

That last bit of info somewhat surprised me.

But then again, in 1995 I was eight years old. Luckily I have a clip from You-Tube to keep us all up to date with our mid-90's film history.


BEN said...

The 1995 classic, Swingers, still holds up. I can't believe that was 13 years ago. That was the year I graduated from high school and the year I went to college.

Nick said...

Yeah!!! I own one just like that! It is the most awesome gift I've ever received... Thanks.