The Sound of Chimes

Apparently one of the benefits of turing in an article "on time" is that the Chimes posts it sooner on the web.
Somehow, without even telling them, my roommates have all managed to already read it.
But I know someone who hasn't yet...
That's right. You.
You should get on that.


I'm not going to lie to you. This is kind of one of those articles where I suddenly realized, "Oh, wow, I'm already at 600 words. Welps, this is nothing one sentence can't wrap up immediately." Hence the abrupt ending. But to be honest, I can't really think of any other way it should have ended, because I'm definitely doing some hardcore multitasking (last night was the first time my roommates have seen me in a week). Speaking of which, I have three papers and a poem I need to get to work on.

If you haven't noticed, this article has a heavy emphasis on the show "How It's Made." If you've never seen it, there are a couple things you need to know.
A. It's made by a bunch of Canadians.
B. Every episode begins with a miniature version of what's being made rotated on a small platform in the middle of a random park.
C. Every episode has the same terrible electronic music.
D. It's basically crack on television.

There's no reason anyone should ever watch How It's Made, but there's no reason anyone could ever resist it.
Here. An example. Ever wonder how bubblegum is made?
No. Neither did I.

There it is.

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Beth said...

yeah, it actually took several passes for me to read that article. i think i have a thyroid problem.