All About The Awkward Unicorn

The Awkward Unicorn was founded circa 2007 and has since been recognized as the "Weird Japanese Video and Movie Review" Capital of the Internet. It's eccentric founder Zachary Newcott is known for his reclusive behavior and bizarre obsession with Red Pandas. He was last seen traveling down the Louisiana River on a gambling ship wearing a blindingly white suit and sporting a fashionable mustache.

Zack writes movie reviews, and lots of them. As a screenwriter from Biola University in La Mirada CA, he has completed four full-length scripts which each serve as wonderful coasters on his coffee table. A coffee table which is actually a stack of cardboard boxes. He also makes animations, wrote a novel, does web design, and was a skipper on Walt Disney's Jungle Cruise.

He is afraid of crickets and Donald Sutherland.

If you would like to contact Zachary, please do so immediately.

email him at:

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