Biola Magazine this time, Rolling Stone next week.

I never got around to mentioning on here that I somehow apparently made it onto last months Biola Magazine cover... Or at least half of me did. In illustration form. I think. I really have no idea. But my mom called to congratulate me on my outstanding accomplishment and requested I send her a stack of copies.

I'm the one on the left. Apparently. I'm still not really sure. Part of me hopes so if only for the reason that I like thinking that some artist out there saw my face and whispered to him or herself "I must draw you."

I think it really captured my long sideburns and the way I always carry around cans of soup, but it doesn't resemble at all the pose I did for that young artist while I sailed on the Titanic. Such is life.
here's another shot for comparisons sake.

I'm pretty positive I'm more happy with that latter photograph.
Still, a cover's a cover, and I think now it's only a matter of time before Biola Magazine gets converted into Newcott Weekly, your source for all the latest Newcott gossip. Only a matter of time my friend...


Beth said...

i heard he was preggers but you didn't hear it from me.

Zack Newcott said...

What a scoop!