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The Jane Austen Book Club

Dude. Nobody told me this movie had two lesbian chicks in it.
How did this happen?
The movie was all like, talk talk talk, cry cry cry, talk cry laugh, slap slap slap, and then, BAM! Two ladies were totally in bed together.
Sure, it's PG-13, and actually has no impact whatsoever on the storyline considering that the two characters basically get dropped from the script by the end of the movie, but there they are. Lesbians.
I got's to get me some more books by Austen.

This is, however, the hook of the Jane Austen Book Club, a movie I rented for "visiting friends," and not in anyway for myself... *cough*
Stop giving me that look.

Yes, the Jane Austen Book Club is, as my roommate Micah noted, the movie based off the books, based off the movies based off the books by Jane Austen, who wrote the original books, originally. If you don't understand it, you're probably a guy, so let me try to put it into guy terms.

Jane Austen is kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog. The original games were classic, fun, and really popular, but then SEGA got greedy and started making things based off the original games that were complete crap, like Sonic Spinball, Sonic Shuffle, and even Sonic's Schoolhouse. But some good things came out of Sonic spin-offs, such as the Saturday morning cartoon show, the one that WASN'T on PBS. Eventually, I think they even made a direct to video movie of that. You see? That was a movie based off a show based off a game, and it probably wasn't any good.
The same thing applies here, except Jane Austen is Sonic the Hedgehog and the video-games are actually books.

Crystal clear.

So, how was the Jane Austen Book Club?
To be honest, it kind of made me want to join an actual Jane Austen Book Club, which I would say is a great thing. If there's one lesson I learned from this movie, it's that all Jane Austen book lovers are emotionally fragile and very attractive people, who might also be lesbians who do extreme sports.

"Care to sky dive me-lady?"

Or maybe I'm better off joining a Jane Austen Movie Club.

Still, when it comes down to it, the Jane Austen Book Club movie isn't half bad. The characters are mostly charming, the social dynamics interesting, and for the ladies out there, there are gratuitous camera pans of men in bike shorts.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with the Pride and Prejudice movie being 10, which had keira knightley, and Becoming Jane being 1, which didn't have keira knightley, the Jane Austen Book Club gets a B-, because it is only distantly related to both of those movies anyway.
And since it doesn't have Mr. Darcy in it, it gets bonus points in my book.
Suck it Mr. Darcy.
For the rest of you, I'm willing to recommend it.

Rent it (especially if she asks you to).

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Polly said...

Hahaha! Ideal breeding material. Love it!