4th of July

We decided to go to the beach for this 4th of July, which is a big deal to me because I can't remember a 4th of July I didn't celebrate in D.C.

Here is a pictorial tour.

This was our umbrella. People don't usually take pictures of their umbrellas at the beach and I can understand why. Frankly I had nothing better to do.

This is a photo of Anthony and Me with my eyes blissfully closed. Why? Because we're at the beach. No more questions.

This one was moments later.

This is Sarah and Sarah's British friend Emma. Being British, and on American soil during the 4th of July, I made sure to rub sand her face while referring to her as a "redcoat."

This is a photo of Anthony and Sarah about to hold hands. You don't always get the opportunity, and if you do, you usually don't have someone there to take a photo of it. So I did.

This is the restaurant that I pretend to own.

No 4th of July would be complete without seeing a man ride a giant unicycle, just like George Washington did while screaming "The Redcoats are coming!" on that cold November's eve.

Luckily he didn't die.

this is Sarah, Anthony, and Anthony's brother John waiting for the restroom.

This is the same photo, but minus the restroom. Unless the ocean counts. Which it does if you're really desperate.
That's John way off in the distance. He really enjoys talking non-stop about cars and working out, and then singing theme songs from advertisements.

This is a somewhat surreal photo of a seagull that flew past me.

The following are all photos of kites in the sky. See if you can spot them.

Now it's just photos of the beach.

This is what happens when I take a picture of the beach through John's sunglasses. Everything looks like the apocalypse just occurred, or something from the back of a Jack Johnson album.

It was a good day.


Wren said...

Hello. I found you off craftster, and I must tell you : You are wonderful. That is all.

Zack Newcott said...

Thanks so much!