Oh. And here's my little awkward moment for the night.

Before the show Beth and I got dinner at a sweet Mexican place.
She ordered the Enchilada's with green salsa.
Myself, being unable to make hard choices like this one, decided to say, "I'll have the same."
The waiter, who seemed to mostly speak Spanish, asked something along the lines of whether I would like the "red salsa or the green salsa."
This somehow confused me. Again, being faced with small insignificant decisions is a huge obstacle to me.
So I said, "Yes."
Realizing that this answer made absolutely no sense in regards to an either/or question, I was responded to with extremely confused looks from both the waiter and Beth.

Not one to be corrected, I handed the menu back to the waiter who shuffled away.

He gave me the red salsa.

And I loved every bite of it.


Beth said...

i still think he said something about poison.

Zack Newcott said...

I was a little suspicious when I heared him give a maniacal laugh in the kitchen. Maybe he got mixed up which enchilada was the poisoned one and somehow became the victim himself... How ironic.