News From Way Way Beyond

So much has been going on recently, and I know there's one question on all our minds, "What have I missed in Japan?"

The answer is THIS:

Robot-Mech-Warrior-Opera-Singers, if you didn't want it before, you definitely want more of it now.

There are three things I want you to pay attention to in this video:

1. The robot holding an anime-action-figurine of a young Japanese school girl.

The scary thing? That figurine is to SCALE. If those robot-mechs were singing in real life they'd be the size of sky-scrapers.

2. Notice the green robot on the far right.

That thing doesn't even have eye holes. The person standing inside of it is in complete darkness. Can you imagine what will happen when he fires off those nukes strapped to his back? I mean, if those nukes were functional? It'll be a global crisis, that's what. A crisis only solvable with even bigger, louder, singing robots.

3. The applause at the end.

The audience is clearly too much in awe to react.

This one is a video I stole from Japan Probe.
It's a cat that delivers mail between two houses.

Yeah. You saw it too.
Japan has friggin mail carrying cats now. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS?
We have a whole working market just waiting to be replaced by animals. Dogs that deliver pizza, ducks that can deliver newspapers, gorillas with jury summons!
The bad news is that this cat can only go between the two houses he's fed at. Apparently he ran away to one house, then returned to the other, and now is just going back and forth.

Still. It does have a little bow, and isn't that all that matters?

now. This is one I actually enjoy.

It's live-action Pac-man, where the losing Pac-man is severely beaten into submission by ghosts with bats until he collapses.

I consider it an allegory for depression.
It's wonderful.


Bradley Clarke said...

no longer available!

no longer available!

the worst part is, it's probably your fault!!!

Zack Newcott said...

they seem to still be working for me.
But maybe I'm special.
Very special.
I like the wizard of oz.