Holy Cow's!

My brother Ben invited me to join in on the festivities as 300 cattle were hearded down the street he lived on, in the middle of the day, in Orange County.
For some reason I didn't really question it until I saw it happen.

This year old video from a complete stranger just about sums it up.

300 cattle. Why? Why not.

What I want to know is how a guy managed to get this to happen. Sometime, at some point in the past, a man had to have walked into a boardroom and said "SHUT DOWN the streets! We got cattle to wrangle!! YEEEEEE-HAW!"
Clearly I imagine this man wearing a cowboy hat and sporadically shooting two handguns in the air while dancing back and forth in his snake-skin boots.

It truly is a glorious sight to see a massive crowd of bovines slowing make their way toward you down a four-lane street, especially when that street is usually packed side to side with trucks. In fact, I don't think I would ever tire of it. Frankly, I can only dream for a future in which a vampire/zombie/I-Am-Legendish attack wipes out a majority of the world's population so that city-wide cattle herdings are a common occurance.

It makes me want to start a ranch behind my apartment building. But I live next to a Jack In the Box and I wouldn't completely trust them being so close to the cows.

And those cattle-herding dogs mean business too. Just so you know. They seem to have a fairly strict, "no human petting policy," at least while they're on the job. It's a shame.

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