Japanese Androids All Too Real (and yet not nearly real enough)

Yep, the crazy Japanese advertisements have just become a whole lot crazier, simply by adding in the essential element of surreal androids.

You're probably asking a lot of questions right now.

Such as, why exactly would a woman android need sun-tan lotion in the first place?
Well, to be honest, the answer is irrelevant considering that in the not-so-distant future the human race will attempt to block out the sun in a last-ditch attempt to render the robot's solar panels useless.

Also, because the Japanese are crazy.

But take a look at this next commercial which manages to bridge the divide between the nations of Japan and America by combining what each of them love best:
Hello Kitty and Hamburgers.

If there's one thing I love best about Japan, other than Edemame, it's their pigs.

The lyrics to that song are pretty catchy, especially when it get's to the part that goes,

"Puki Puki Puki
Happy Happy I Itchy!"

Deep. It somehow forced me to really think about what I've done with my life.

The robot in that last one was too convincing.

Now, I don't know what this next one is actually trying to sell, but I'm just going to say it before you think it, I'm totally into Panda chicks.

Wait. It get's more confusing.


I don't know how I found this next one, and I don't want to know. I don't care what context it is supposed to be in, whether or not it is meant to be funny, serious, or both. To me it is just surreal.

"As surreal as a robot sun-tanning woman?" You might ask.

Perhaps even more so.

Needless to say, if that had been a lady koala it'd probably blow that panda-girl out of the water.
And if it had been a robot koala-girl, then it would have blown us out of the water, with a cannon, into the sun.

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