Good News Everyone!

Thanks to Ben's hard work, I have officially been reimbursed for my towing adventure.


I officially have 260 dollars safely stowed away back in my bank account. It's almost like I'm rich again, but I'm not. In fact, it's like I'm back to being slightly less poor than I was earlier today.
And now it's time to party! WHOO! SPRING BREAK YEAH!!!

Yeah. Cornbreaaaaaaaad.

Just so you know, Cornbread is my new word.

Urban Dictionary Defines it as:

An affirmative statement. A word mumbled when in acquiescence with another. Used in place of the words: agreed or indeed.

It can also be used in random outbursts when feeling elated or quirky.
fred: "dude she is the prettiest girl I've ever seen"
jon: "cornbreaaad"

fred: "ain't talkin bout cornbread"
jon: "coooorrnbread"

I heard someone say it while watching Parental Control and realized it is used all too infrequently.

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