Drunken Videogame Related Post

There are a lot of things people will tell you not to do. Pee off a balcony, fight crime in a home-made costume, post on your blog while under the influence. But I say this, "How drunk can you be if you're able to type?"
This drunk. that's how.

Really. The only reason I'm posting this is because I know there has to be something on this blog by morning time. That, and I have a friend from out of town who is a bad influence and bought a crate of Mike's Hard Lemonade and Pyramid themed alcohol.

So here you go.

This is an online series I really enjoy.

This video, also videogame related, also happened to be hilarious to me. For some reason. Probably also related to the pyramid alcohol.

I promise I'll be back when I'm more sensible. I swear.
Until then, here's the anime-ambassador of Japan with a special message just for you.

He brings you news of peace. I think. Or war. Just don't take it personally. Okay?

****Editorial Note******

The author of this blog would like to inform you that he was not in fact, "drunk" during this post, but merely "buzzed." The Awkward Unicorn Regrets the error, and hopes that you don't write this off as one of "those" blogs, the kind written by a partying college frat boy, and instead continue to believe it was written by a journalist with a qualified degree. We appreciate your readership and hope you can help us reach our temporary goal of 10,000 viewers. Thank you.

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