My Artistic Self

These are pictures of my life-sized self-portrait I had to make for my life drawing class.

It's a lot tougher than it looks, all I used was a mirror and I couldn't really bend down, look at myself, and get my feet that the same time. But I managed (mostly with some strategically placed waves).
Still, I like it.

Also, it kind of looks like I'm wearing eye-liner.
ha, yeah, heh, I definitely, um definitely wasn't wearing THAT while I was drawing. Ha, ha. No siree! No eye-liner for this guy!
excuse me...

Which one is the real me?! I don't know. Looks like you'll just have to shoot the both of us...

You can imagine the sheer number of dangerous roof-top scenarios that the above picture got me into. After all, how can you convince someone holding a gun that a somewhat closely resembled silent image of you isn't the REAL Zack Newcott?
Right answer, you can't.
And now only I, Zack's evil self-portrait remains!

where's my eye-liner?

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Beth said...

haha, i was totally going to mention the eye-liner.