Good News Everyone

Japan is hard at work on a space beer.

That's not just a picture of barley. That's a picture of SPACE barley, which is just like regular barley, except it's meant for space. Apparently Japanese brewery Sapporo Holdings is working to gather enough "space grain" to make a hundred bottles of the stuff.

Yes, the hope is that someday "space agriculture" will be advanced enough that astronauts will be capable of making beer in their very own "space bathtubs." Given that it appears that the only required process to make something ready for space is to just place the word "space" in front of it, I think the goal has nearly been realized.

What exactly does this mean?
I honestly have no idea.

But if we have drunk drivers here on earth, why not on the final frontier? I like the idea of looking up at the stars at night and saying, "I bet there's someone up there so totally wasted they can't even stand straight." And considering that these drunks will be in a zero gravity environment, that doesn't even matter.

Who knows, maybe someday drunken space voyagers will stumble out of their spaceships and hit on a race of Alien lifeforms, entertaining them with space-lampshades over their heads while they dance on a space coffee table. Sure, it'll all be fun and games until they break a space vase and doom the human race to complete annihilation. But up to that point, man, what a party it's going to be.

Space party, that is.


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Bradley Clarke said...

that is one party i want to crash.

let's do it.