In Nashville Tennessee

If you've been wondering why my posting has been rather sporadic, it's because I've started my cross-country trip to California.
Today I drove my way from DC to Nashville Tennessee, and now am resting for the night in a cozy Ramada Inn nestled between the freeway and a wedding chapel.

I'd say this place is an easy 10 on the classiness scale. Sure, you get to drive up to your room, but how many of you have a massive hot-tub inside of your living-room? None, that's how many.
Okay, maybe one or two. But it's new to me.
Needless to say, I can't wait to bring my future wife here someday.

I'll upload a video of my journey once I get where I'm going, in the meantime you should take solace in the fact that I only hit the "panic" button on my keychain once, and that was by accident while I was in the parking lot.

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Alex said...

yay for traveling to california!
we're pretty awesome here :]