Today I saw a blind man strolling through campus using a walkingstick and talking on his blue-tooth cellphone at the same time.
And I thought, now there is a confident American.

Now I'm not one to judge a blind person, but I would like to point out this man's unbridled hardcore personality traits.
Here is a man who reserves the right to use a walkingstick, yet completely negates it's purpose by listening and talking to someone through a cellphone attached directly to his ear.
Yes, I understand walkingsticks also provide the means to "feel" around areas. But I figure the day I go blind I'm going to cherish the few senses I have left and leave my calls on hold until I get to safety.

But who knows? I thought. Maybe this guy is the ultimate multi-tasker.

But as I watched him stroll from the sidewalk, into the grass, and towards a fountain, I decided it would be best if I left and let YouTube handle this situation.

Afterall, that's what it's made for.

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