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Well, yesterday evening I arrived in LA, clapped the dust off my hands, and claimed this land for my own, just like the pioneers did when they landed on Lewis and Clark. Yes, my friends, I have arrived. And surprisingly I'm not dead.

So I was in LA for no more than twenty minutes before I came across a group of lone Dinosaurs standing menacingly over the highway. I had no choice but to stop. After taking a few pics, a man approached me with a camera and said he had been waiting all morning to see someone and to, I assume, take pictures of them taking pictures of themselves with giant dinosaurs.
Needless to say, anyone who likes dinosaurs is already a friend of mine. He gave me his card and explained he was from the LA Times, a really great guy named Glenn Koenig. I asked if he wanted me to do anything, and he explained just to keep taking pictures as if he wasn't there. Surprisingly it was harder than it sounds.
This is one of those pics:

So if you'd like to see me, I'm on page B6 of the LA Times.

Here's the article.

LA Times - A Wind-Whipped Dinosaur and Fan

When I say article I mean my photo with a caption. The best part about this whole experience is that my picture is featured on page B6 of the LA Times without any context whatsoever. It's just me, taking a photo with a dinosaur. Next to the photo is a story about poverty and below it is a story about a series of shootings in the valley.

It was a good day, and a perfect welcome into the city.

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