Yesterday was my last tennis class, and guess who I got to play with...

That's right, my French friend Fromage!
Apparently he was in another tennis class and decided to go to mine to make up a day he missed.

Luckily he didn't make me feel worse about my ineptitude of the French language, and we instead decided to resolve our differences where it really mattered, the TENNIS COURT.
Instead of exchanging witty one-liners we instead exchanged red-hot serves, which literally exploded into flames, just like NBA Jam for the Sega Genesis, except more tennis.

It was a close one, but I managed to get my team on top by strategically letting my parter hit all the balls for me.
The plan worked flawlessly, as long as Fromage didn't hit the ball directly into my direction. Despite a couple mess-ups on my part, the Fujisarasaki Clan (what I silently named our team in retrospect) claimed the win.

After the epic battle, which also involved a CGI army of warrior Gnomes, Fromage and I wished eachother the best and parted ways.
It was a bittersweet parting, but I have a feeling we'll meet again someday when we least expect it.

Until then, it's Match, Set, Point.

Take THAT Nigeria!

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