There's a NEW Mexico?!

I've made my way through Dallas and into the great desert plains of New Mexico.

Mmmmm... desert plain

I promised I would upload video of my trip so far, well, here it is. You'll have to forgive the poor quality:

OH SHOOT. I think there was some kind of frantic YouTube mix-up. I'm really, really, sorry about that. Really.

I'm doing great. Really.

Man, shoot, I hope my parents didn't see that. But you have to admit, that car crash scene was really rather extravagant. I mean, wow. I think that guy's head went THROUGH the trunk of the car. Incredible.

Here's the real video:

I have to admit something. I can't upload the video until I'm in Cali with my desktop. So until then just imagine really nice things, like adorable Japanese kittens with big eyes.

New Mexico is great. Right now I'm in a La Quinta Inn relaxing in an air conditioned room. Today I tried to go to a Dinosaur Museum off of exit 332, but it was closed and all I ended up seeing was a Dinosaur Museum employee smoking cigarettes behind a dumpster with a Triceratops painted on it.
Maybe that "was" the exhibit. The world may never know.

Other than that I visited the town of Memphis Texas, which appears to be completely abandoned. I'd say it's easily one of the coolest places I've visited, mostly because it was so easy to imagine it covered in zombies.

But really, things have been great. Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and help.

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