Drillbit Taylor - Movie Review

Drillbit Taylor

I'm not sure what to actually write about Drillbit Taylor. I know it was on the television, and I know I was watching it, but all I remember was the menu screen before-hand, sitting with my friends during it, and then severely beating everyone afterwards in a game of Blokus.

I will destroy you in Blokus.

All I can tell is that Drillbit Taylor is perhaps the most sub-par movie I have watched in recent memory. And I usually forget sub-par memories pretty quickly.

What was I reviewing again?

Oh yeah, Owen Wilson is pretty much always hilarious, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't even mention I watched Drillbit Taylor and just say I schooled everyone in Blokus, two friggin games in a row.

I win

I should say I was actually pretty surprised that Drillbit Taylor was not in fact a kid's movie. In fact, the kids manage to get away with saying more curse words than I do as an adult. They also take enough punches to the stomach to make a Houdini impersonator collapse in blinding agony.

Come on kids, cover your eyes. This movie is just a bad influence.

Why don't you instead kick back with a classy board game?

hee, hee, hee

don't bother watching it.

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Peter G. said...

I saw it. It was poop.