New Years Resolution

I decided my resolution this year is to actually write on this blog more. Seeing that it's already January 6th, it's about time I finally made due.

Last night Beth was trying to figure out how to have her hair cut, and being as technically savvy as she is, she found a "virtual makeover" program on Elle Magazine's Website. Considering that my other resolution is to be more active with my wife's interests I decided to support her in doing it myself.

Hence this little doozy featuring myself with Sarah Jessica Parker's hair:

Not unlike Fabio actually. Except with less eye-liner.

Shortly after showing this to Beth she was kind enough to inform me that I take enough of an interest as it is, probably too much of an interest, and she recommended I delete any evidence of this lest it would appear on the internet, specifically this blog where I'm posting it now. Happy New Year Everybody.