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Youth In Revolt

Youth In Revolt plays out like a crass episode of the Adventures of Pete and Pete, except lacking that shows sweetness and observational sense of humor. I have to admit from the get-go that at some point I stopped watching Youth In Revolt and began watching it from the corner of my eye as I made dinner. I don't think I missed anything, but if this happens to be your favorite film of the year then feel free to chime in at any time.

Just kidding. This is the internet and you're reading this, so it's pretty difficult to chime in. But feel free to post a comment or what have you.

Despite the common argument that Michael Cera is a one note kind of actor, here he actually shines with the addition of his alter-ego Francois, a smooth talking/frequently smoking French lad. His abrupt and sarcastic reactions certainly do result in genuine chuckles, but to be honest the overall crassness of the film manages to overwhelm the humor. I'm not saying it could be funny, but here it just doesn't work. It leaves a sour taste that taints whatever innocence the film may have, and considering that I feel that bitter taste may be part of the films intent, I simply can't quite write it off. The redeeming ending, the one that predictably shows that all a guy needs to be is to be himself, further negates what the film pursues throughout its running time.

This is a movie that was written to be more of a sitcom than a film, with frequent beats that seem to scream out for a laugh track that sadly never arrives. I can see how a car disassembled and then reassembled in a living room by a group of angered Navy boys has its humor, but on screen it's handled in such a way that I was left gazing with a detached sense of amusement. Maybe I was laughing on the inside, but I was so disappointed it wasn't out loud the effect was completely lost on me. The filmmakers hands, as well as that of its playing parts, are constantly visible on the screen. The result isn't a complete story as much as an attempt by its makers to be considered as hilarious, and in my opinion a film needs both if its heart is going to be in the right place.

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