Where Have I Been All Your Life? - Better Question, Where Have Cat Cones Been?

It's a been a little while, I must admit, since my last posting. And boy just think about all the things you've been missing out on. Just think. Wow. Things like my cat Georgie who just got a cone head.

Yes. It's finally happened. Georgie got declawed this week, and due to his excessive paw licking Beth's mom resorted to stapling a neon green visor around his head. The little guy was so resourceful however that I later had to staple on an addition of green felt.

I'm fairly certain he hates the world now. If the bloody paw prints in the kitchen didn't send a message I'm pretty sure the puddle of cat urine I found on top of the stove this afternoon certainly did.

Geogie might not be happy, especially after I staple on another addition to the visor cone, but it looks like at least this random dog from Japan is:

Just look at him. Adorable. Heart warming.

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Deboakley said...

I needed a laugh today, and that Japanese smiling dog did the trick! Thanks!