Embroidering Memento's

I'm at it with the embroidery again.

If you didn't know, I really like the idea of taking words of phrases out of the context of movies and then placing them onto a format extremely old and traditional.

This time I really wanted to stretch my imagination with what I could put on an embroidery hoop that no one else, ever, in their right mind, would ever place onto an embroidery hoop. Ever.

Then I thought of the movie Memento.

Then I thought whether or not I should actually put the effort into it.
But then I realized if I didn't someone else just might, and they'd probably get it wrong.
So I kind of had to.

If you've never seen it, at least watch the trailer. Somewhere in it you'll probably catch wind of what I was up to.

In case you don't know the premise, Leonard is an ex-cop bent on vengeance after his wife is raped and murdered. His main problem though is the unfortunate fact that he can no longer make new memories. All facts about his investigation have to be translated into writing, with the most important ones as tattoo's across his chest, some in reverse to be read in the mirror when he wakes up.

My natural question of course was "what would the main character of Leonard in Memento do if his only way of capturing memories was embroidery?"
The natural answer is nothing, because embroidery takes friggin forever.

But say if he had a really considerate grand-mother who would embroider his sick twisted notes for him? It would at least be less painful and expensive than tattoo's.

Which brings me to my embroidery, which will undoubtedly divide the public between humored or appalled.

Yep. Leonard's most important chest tattoo, in embroidery form. Backwards and everything so he can still read it in the mirror with the rest of his tattoo's.

Here it is reversed by the mirror in my bathroom:

To really appreciate it, I suggest you picture an old lady in a rocking chair slowly cross-stitching the words while myotonic goats graze aimlessly in the fields.

Or if that doesn't work, imagine the confused faces of the people who haven't seen Memento after witnessing it hanging in our apartment bathroom.

Yes. That'll do.

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Bradley Clarke said...

so this joke was really growing on me as you worked on it the other night, but this is really hysterical.

you've succeeded in making a joke which only gets funnier- and i can only think of a handful of those overall...