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In case you don't know, I'm officially the humor columnist for the Biola Chimes, my university student paper.

And yes, it has gone straight to my head. I have officially become a fast-talking newspaper man, collecting sources, getting down to business, writing on old-fashioned typewriters with a cigarette in my mouth whist a wooden fan rotates slowly in a smoke filled room, referring to women as "dames" or "cats," making passes and saying things such as "Sheesh! This cat's got claws! Rawr!" It's quite a life, believe me.

My latest column just hit the stands today, but you can still catch it online here:

If you really need me to say more before clicking that link, try this on for size.

That's right, my article is about Michael Cera, the Mr. Darcy of our modern times.

suck it mr. darcy

...and before you ask, yes, I made up the part about short-shorts and tropical tic-tacs. I just couldn't resist.
I really couldn't.


Mr X Stitch said...

Good article.
All we need now is someone to make comic book guy from the Simpsons sexy and all sub-sub-sections of manliness are doomed..! :)

Beth said...

funny thing is, lehua just suggested last night that we sing "anyone else but you" ala juno. oh, the irony.