Best Thing Ever... Today.

Today the best thing ever happened.

I reached into my bag of Chex mix and I found a piece of Chex unlike any other.

At first I thought it was one of those brownish wheat Chex, but then my heart was uplifted.

My friends this was the singular Chex of all Chex mixes.

Upon first inspection, an uneducated Chex mix eater would say it was badly burned in the fabled Chex mix factory (a magical place rumored to have multicolored midget workers). I knew otherwise. This particular Chex was literally black with Chex mix seasoning.

I had wondered why this bag of Chex mix had been unusually bland.

Now I knew.

For some reason the majority of Chex mix deliciousness was adhered to this one piece of Chex.

I took the time to beheld it for but a moment.

Then, I bravely took a taste.

This is what I saw.

Actually, what I tasted wasn't too far off from uncooked Ramen Noodles.
In fact, it almost tasted EXACTLY like uncooked Ramen Noodles.

But to be honest that probably wasn't the best thing that happened.
It was definitely up there, but I think it might have to tie with all the responses I'm getting to my Memento Embroidery on the Crafster page:

Memento Craftster Page

Check it.

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