Oh Alexander

I'm currently enrolled in a U.S. History class, which has actually gotten to be pretty good now that we're getting into some of the more bloody details about the American Revolution.

Today was different however. Upon entering the room, I realized that not only was our professor missing, but he was replaced by a teaching assistant I had never seen before. He didn't waste much time in throwing on a dvd and saying "I'm not coming back, so whenever the class period ends feel free to just leave and let the DVD run itself out."
Then he turned off the light and disappeared out the door.

That means that somewhere on campus at this very moment, a documentary on Alexander Hamilton is still being played to a classroom which I desperately hope is completely empty.

The best part was at the very beginning of the documentary.

The narrator begins with these infamous lines:

"You may remember Alexander Hamilton as one of the founding fathers, but what you might not know is that Alexander Hamilton was a bastard."

It was at this moment that a girl near me dropped her pen and said, "Whoa."

I assume that the documentary meant Alexander Hamilton was just a fatherless child, but the way in which the narrator said the word "bastard" sounded as though he personally had something against the iconic historical figure.

But the narration continued:

"Respect was hard to find for a bastard such as Alexander..."

By this time, I couldn't stop laughing.

Then the actors dressed in revolutionary garb turned up on screen.

"Alexander was a charming fellow," a lady in a fancy hoop dress waved with her fan, "the ladies were quite taken with him... as well as many of the men I do believe."

It was all too good. Far too good.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like some crazy social behavioral study. Watch out!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. I just died all over the floor laughing, and you're great.