Time Travel and Fly Kicks

I was on Wired and saw this:

McFly Sneakers For Sale - Link

It's Marty McFly's sneakers from Back To The Future 2.

Nike has finally taken the effort to make them a reality, minus the self-tying laces. Only now they're being called the "Nike Hyperdunks," instead of the "Nike Air 2015 Kicks."

So that's pretty cool. Right?

The problem with most things involving time travel is that I instantly have to think about it.

Had "Back to the Future 2" never been made, the Nike Hyperdunks would have never existed. Back to the Future 2 was a prediction of 2015, so if Marty McFly's Delorean actually had worked back in the real-life 1985 we all know and love, he'd see his shoes actually exist. The shoes inspired by Back to the Future 2.
So here's my point. Back to the Future 2 has caused a time paradox, in which the idea for Nike Hyperdunks was created before it was actually invented. I mean, if Back to the Future 2 was real.

Interesting though, isn't it? That our lives are so influenced by science fiction that we are starting to see inventions and designs based purely upon predictions set back in 1985. Does this mean we'll have JAWS 19, hoverboards, and possibly the flesh hungry robots from the Terminator in the next seven years?

I certainly hope so.

If you need me I'll be buying supplies for the impending apocalypse at the Dollar Store.

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