Creepy Crawlies

Things I thought were bugs, but weren't upon closer inspection.

A feather sticking out of my pillow.
A speck of dust that floated in front of my monitor.
A strand of hair that just barely wavered on my peripheral vision.
A flower stem that creeped up my windshield.
A walnut on the sidewalk that I thought was a cockroach at night.
A loose thread on my pajama bottom that stuck to my foot.

And that's mostly just today.


Beth said...

when i got home the other day i found a REAL effing huge cockroach on the floor. really. it was THIS big.

Zack Newcott said...

My monitor is pretty small, so THIS sounds reasonable. But then again, THIS leads to THAT, which tends be much larger in size. You might need to fog yourself.