Chompy (Can I Tempt You?!?!?!)

I got my teeth checked out today, and I'm psyched to say that I have no cavities to speak of.

My Teeth, If I Was A Woman and Had Great Teeth

I was really confused though because nobody mentioned to me that now they have televisions installed up on the ceiling now. This is so that you have something to look up to while you get to be poked at by sharp metal sticks in your mouth.
I was also really confused when the nurse handed me the remote and told me to turn the television to whatever channel I wanted.

It was too much pressure.
It was bad enough being judged for my inconsistent flossing, now I have to be judged on my taste in what to watch.
This is DAYTIME TELEVISION lady. My choices are limited to programs featuring quality slightly higher than that of infomercials and slightly lower than that of public access television. Our options go as far as the Worlds Most Mind-Blowing Cop Explosions to Super Serious Hospital Drama with people staring at each other for indefinite amounts of time.

So i tuned the TV to my old stand by, the best game show ever, TEMPTATION.

For those that don't know, Temptation is only "the new sale of the century." I don't know what that means, but it HAS to be important.
Inspired by the online shopping mall of the same name, Temptation pits groups of three women against each other in a series of questions vaguely related to facts you could find in US Magazine. All this is done while a guy with slick hair yells "Can I TEMPT you?!" while waving cash at the contestants.

The show creatively has it's own currency system of "Temptation Dollars" which luckily makes it next to impossible to win the car, the same car which I think has been on stage since the game's inception.

Basically, Temptation is that claw machine at the fair with all the really cool prizes jammed in the back. You know no one will ever make it, but you can't help but watch them try.

So I watched them try while I had the plaque scraped off my teeth.

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