Gentlemen, Meet Georgie Fruit

In the current economic crisis it might be frowned upon to take responsibility for an animal. They require time, effort, a bowl to put food into and poop-scooping. This is a huge responsibility, especially considering that I hardly do any of that even for myself. Luckily, Beth was up for such a task and adopted a mighty fine companion.

Gentlemen, Meet Georgie Fruit.

Georgie was adopted from the mean streets of La Mirada. We were lucky enough to snatch him up from the animal house on the morning that he was neutered, so we got to welcome a very groggy and confused animal into her apartment.

Now myself, being a professional at many or all things, was not about to let some cat off the streets start to mess up Beth's quaint little apartment. There's only room in her king sized bed for two people. Her and her roommate. And if some cat who was probably a member of a biker gang thinks he can mess that up then he's got another thing coming.

That's why I bought him a cat-tie.

That, and I like to giggle when I look at him.

Does he like to wear it? That's not the point. Point is, that dude needs to get a job.
If he thinks he can just lounge around eating kibble and having his poop scooped all day, he's got another thing coming. That thing is Wallstreet, and that tie will get him there.

If you don't believe me, take a look at the cover of the next issue of Business Week:

I actually watched him wander in front of the mirror and vigorously shake his head until his tie was well adjusted and even go as far as to turn it to the side at each meal. This officially means that a cat takes better care of himself than I do.

Yeah. He knows what he's doing.

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