Now I Am 22

Yesterday was my Birthday, hooray!!!

I am officially now 22, an age that is only notable for being one year above 21, for now at least.

a pretty b-day picture by beth

a not so pretty b-day picture by beth

a very pretty picture of Beff

A picture of us both on Beth's birthday

In a message I'm not entirely sure how to take, my parents sent me a wonderful set of knives and a hair-cutting kit as my gift, further pressuring me into a career as an insane barber not unlike Sweeney Todd.

me, after my birthday.

Beth and I meanwhile celebrated with delishi crepes. They were fantastic. One of the many gifts she gave me was a wallet, which means I no longer have to flip through a wad of napkins and loose change every time I make a purchase. In some ways I'll miss that, but man do I look great. Then we ventured to various vintage stores until collapsing into a deep sleep/nap on my couch.

I woke up to find that Anthony, Jon and Sarah had arrived as a birthday surprise. We toasted to my 22 years of being alive, and to having 22 more, and, as Anthony emphasized, only 22 more.

I have to say, being with my friends was the best gift I could have ever wanted. It was a great night.

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