Of Montreal and Jon Brion - Show Recap

Of Montreal
Jon Brion
Oakland, CA 7/24/09

Of Montreal draws a crowd, and that crowd can be comprised of anyone from middle schoolers to middle-aged cross-dressers. Luckily, Beth and I got to stand behind both when we attended their show at the beautiful Fox theater in Oakland. It's a bit hard for me to classify the band for those who never heard of them. Eventually I just digress to saying "they did the Outback Steakhouse theme song," which often only results in a confused "ohhhh, hmmm." But maybe what's so great about Of Montreal is that their music somehow flutters above description like a mischievous butterfly. Their show won me over and now takes a dominant placement on my mantle as one of the best performances I've ever seen, one that was complete with projected animations, costumed performers, dancers, a wonderful array of lights, a guitar player with wings, and simply fantastic music.

Their opener was Jon Brion, a performer who I must admit was one of the biggest reasons for me to purchase the tickets. After his beautiful work composing the music for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I (heart) Huckabees, Punch Drunk Love, and so many more, I have no doubt in my mind that the man will be receiving an oscar in short time. As a band, I had no idea he could be so incredibly captivating.

Taking the stage solo Brion began slowly with a few songs on his guitar. When he wandered towards the back of the stage and began beating the drums it could have been assumed the man was just fooling around with the time he was provided with, but once the realization sank in that his drumming was being recorded for the purpose of a background loop the show suddenly took on a whole new dimension. Quickly wandering between each instrument, making a quick recording, and then returning to center stage to take hold of the mike and his guitar, Jon Brion created an entire orchestrated song within minutes.

Then he started taking requests, and of songs you wouldn't even guess he'd know. Within minutes he had orchestrated a new version of Helter Skelter all on his own. It wasn't just a musical performance, it was a magic act.

Check out his remix of Of Montreal's First Time High.

First TIme High (Of Chicago Acoustic Version) - Jon Brion

Gallery Piece - Jon Brion Remix (via stereogum)

pics from paigekparsons

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