Blogged Down With Work - week in review

Yep, I've been slacking again with the ole-blogging and such. I'm going to use school as an excuse.
The good news?
I've got another Chimes article for you.


It's about working out, and how I never do it.

Me, not needing to work out.

If you need me to help point to things you might have missed on the internets, there wasn't a whole lot this week.

Unless you didn't see these Pac-man inspired outfits. Then you missed a whole lot.

Apart from that from that though, there really wasn't much.

Well, except for one doozey.
Yep, my Facebook relationship status has officially changed from "Single" to "In A Relationship." Heck yes that's right. I think that means I'm practically married now. And I love it. Hooray!
Although I must admit it is somewhat strange how three different people I don't usually see around campus stopped me and mentioned something about it. Good to see people are keeping up with their newsfeed though. Gotta stick with the times.

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