Buy my new berk!

If you haven't noticed, this Awkward Unicorn has been grazing about in other pastures as of late, which is to say I've been pretty busy watching Netflix, not mowing the backyard, and attempting to keep the rear plush of my corgi well groomed (he hates brushing). On the positive side it's given me the chance to finish and self-publish my novel: Haven. It's a sci-fi fantasy book for young adults that involves lots of time travel, space travel, regular travel, and staying put travel. It's a real wham-dingus of a journey through time and space and the most rockin good time you'll have this side of the mississippi. Seriously though, I think it's pretty cool. Be sure to buy a copy of it through paypal so I don't have to give Amazon any of my hard-earned monies (and so I can sign it too!).
Thanks to everyone for your support! Best, Zack (The Awkward Unicorn)