Questionable Material

There are a lot of things i don't understand; mathematics, the time-space continuum, girls, but one thing I can always count on not making any sense is the entire nation of Japan.

This, perhaps, is a good example:

Now. Um. Hmmm. How long is this introduction song supposed to last? I don't know, maybe this IS the entire show. As far as the transvestite and cowboy with questionable mustache are concerned, I guess kids in Japan have different standards of entertainment:

Holy #@$*! What the?! I didn't quite understand the whole "behind the scenes"-esque footage of the two full body painted men killing each other, much the less why they were killing each other, or why they looked that way, or why he then killed the girl at the end. The only explanation I have is that it's a sick, sick world we live in. These people apparently understand:

Which brings us to


Here are the rules:
1. You have to guess the product being advertised before you watch it or before it is actually displayed.
(this may be a little hard because they're so short, but go with your first guess)
2. Post it in the comments.







the answers:
1. Pretzels
2. Some sort of magazine?
3. Pizza.
4. Toilets
5. Nicholas Cage, I guess...

yeah, your guess is as good as mine.
Well, I hope that was enough culture for you. Check back again soon!

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