RIP Flan (the mouse)

Although you've been dead for several weeks and I completely forgot to give you a proper memorial here on the Awkward Unicorn, you were the most unforgettable feeder mouse I ever owned and had die. And although your only other friend Nom Nom is still alive and kicking, she misses you dearly. As do I.

We hardly knew yee Flan.

It seems like just yesterday that I bought you for two dollars from the feeder bin at Pet City, and although I had no idea that you were so cute and tiny probably due to how incredibly inbred you were, I was smitten by your curiosity and tendency to run in mindless circles on my hand.

True, I should have probably prepared myself for this moment when you first began having an arched back and walked everywhere on your toes, but c'est la vie... and c'est la mort.

You died the same way you lived, clutching a massive piece of food in your front paws while curled up in the food bowl.

You died doing what you loved most, eating. I respect that. I think we all do when it comes down to it.

Luckily I helped you realize your dream of seeing the city of San Francisco before you died. I remember bringing you into Beth's aunts house late at night from the car because I forgot you were out there, and then later keeping you in the bathroom cupboard for the next three days because Beth and I figured it would be too awkward to mention to her aunt that we also had mice with us days after we had already been there.
And although I'm certain this resulted in a situation where Beth's aunt found the mice but decided not to say anything because she too thought it was too awkward, I can safely say that you made the weekend just that more special.

Thank you Flan.

Never forget.

I wanted to make you a memorial video, but instead decided to just post this memorial video some goth girl made for Bernie Mac. I think it's better this way.

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