What I Did Over The Weekend

Sorry ladies, but the Z-train has officially left the station. Next stop: Marriage.

That's right, I got engaged!

To those who may be confused: that womanly hand is Beth's, not mine.


I had been carrying the ring around for about three weeks, and after talking to my parents and my brother Ben, I just had to ask her right away.
Not that it was much of a secret to begin with. The first week I had the ring Beth became curious about the constant mysterious square-shaped bulge in my pants, and gave it a quick poke while we both drove to dinner. Realizing what it was, we both quickly glued our eyes back on the road without a word exchanged.

Since then I had waited patiently for a chance to ask her parents for their blessing. With the ring at my side I hesitated to pop the question to Beth, even when opportunities arose while we traveled through San Francisco.

On Saturday Beth and I found ourselves at her apartment making a Facebook page for our cat Georgie Fruit. Somehow the moment seemed right, or it must have seemed right to me because it was then that Beth noticed that I was giving her a strange look.

That look, my friends, was the look of passion.

Knowing the moment had arrived I picked up Beth and somewhat awkwardly, and perhaps even dashingly, carried her to the couch.

It was there, in front my second greatest love (aka: the television), that I asked her to be my wife.

She said yes.

Realizing that I still hadn't asked her parents, the next day I made a quick three hour drive up North and back again to let them in on what was going on.

Now is the time to celebrate.


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