This One's For You Rob Mulla

Rob Mulla. You dog. This post on the Awkward Unicorn is all for you.

Word around town is that you subscribe to this blog on your "google reader" or what-have you. I'm honored.

Here, take this hypnotic cat gif image. It's on the house. This time.

Not enough for you? Here. Take this video as well of a cat in Japan who is famous for his wig-colored patch of hair.

Style. Something American cats often lack. Let that be a lesson to you Georgie Fruit. I want you to grow your grey face mask back.

what. food?

1 comment:

Rob said...

I was thrilled today when I opened my 'google reader' to find a post containing MY NAME!

This post is grade-A material. Keep up the good work Zack.