Tell Me What's Wrong With This

I love them. I really do. but as I stated previously, I still don't understand the Japanese and probably never will. Some people have taken offense to this fact. Please, before judging me, you must realize that I don't even understand most Americans. So I need you to help me out by counting exactly how many things are wrong with the following video:

Yes. That was a lot of scrolling text. But apparently that's not the only problem with this video. Apparently two chefs were actually fired because of this. Can you guess what it was?
That's right. There's too much friggin beef on that rice bowl.
At least there is according to the Yoshinoya D&C Co. who apparently consider it a great dishonor to pile six heaping spoonfuls of food onto another food.
“It’s just a disgrace to treat food this way,” said Yoshinoya official Haruhiko Kizu, adding that the clip made him “feel sick in the stomach.”
I'm sorry. Excuse me Mr. Yingyangpewpew, here in America we don't consider activities like this "disgraceful." In fact, we THRIVE off of it. Here in the states those two men would have medals by now and be serving double the serving size, that's right, TWELVE heaping spoonfuls, at one of them fancy pants restaurants. You know, Arby's or somewhere.
Although, I have to admit, I still respect these people. After all, who knows the concept of disgrace better than a country where they sell such amazing products as this:

or this...

Did you see everything in that? Yeah, a pizza stuffed with:

* mayonnaise
* king crab
* shrimp
* beef w/ demi-glace sauce
* broccoli
* onion
* corn
* egg
* potato

And only for $32!
I said it before, but I'll say it again. I love the Japanese. I may have no idea what the frick they're doing, but I love those guys. This is a culture where I honestly think I belong. It's like a giant fraternity, where instead of weired initiation rituals you have to eat Mayo stuffed pizza for the rest of your life. It's beautiful.
Excuse me while I vomit my entire insides.

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