4th Grade Haiku's

In teaching my class of 16 fourth and fifth grade students poetry, today I introduced them to the world of Haiku's.


"We went to the beach,
The beach is so so so fun,
so so so so beach."
-Elexia, 4th Grade

"I won the fun race,
It was really really fun,
I won a medal."
-Preston, 4th Grade

"I love my dog he
ate my homework. Now I don't
have to do it. Yay!"
-Alex, 4th Grade

"My dog is so good
but sometimes he pees on me
but I still love him."
-John, 4th Grade

"My cat is so fat.
He eats like four pan-cakes. And,
He also eats poo."
-Carlos, 4th Grade



The Slave Trade said...

hahaha so so so beach

Bronwen said...

so so so so beach wins