More Poetry By Students Who Hate To Write Poetry

In an attempt to further captivate my 4th grade students with the wonderful world of poetry I decided to have them write about their favorite foods. I assumed that I would receive numerous entries reflecting their love for the spicy chips known as "Taki's" (an outlawed food that is often bartered among the children in a strange sort of black market for candy), but was instead delighted to find numerous poems dedicated to pizza.


"Pepperoni's are red.
Cheese is Yellow.
Sauce is also red.
Dough is white.
That makes pizza."

"Pizza is my favorite food.
It is so cheesy
and pepperoniee."

"Bread is white,
Meat is brownish,
Mac is yellow."

"My favorite food
is ice cream.
Dessert is my favorite time.
I like to eat ice cream
for my favorite food."

"Favorite strawberries
are so good,
they make you want more.
They are so so juicy.
Whenever you take a bite
Juice comes out."

"My pizza is a feast,
and is also a feast,
so it is a feast."

"Ice cream is my favorite dessert.
You can make it carmelly or chocolatey."

"Pizza is cheesy,
and is delicious,
because it is cheesy."

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Bronwen said...

oh the feast one is my favorite.