An Ode to 4th Grade Favorite Movies

Today I asked each of my students to write a poetic "Ode" to their favorite movie. Enjoy.

"My favorite is The Terminator.
He is awesome.
He hates blossoms."

For some reason I was surprised to find the word "blossoms" used at all in one of these poems. I asked him what he meant by it and he simply replied saying "Because the Terminator hates flowers." Makes sense...

"My favorite movie is Holes,
because they have to dig like a lot of holes.
I like it because they dig a lot of holes."

Simple, yet, effective.

"Once upon a time,
there was an army.
They fought all of the people,
and never died.
Then they all died.

Although this poem is neither an "ode" nor about any film I can think of, I find some sort of promise in it. I should note that the word "CANCER" was written in bold across the entirety of the page. Very dramatic.

Here's an epic piece that spanned both the front and the back of the construction paper:

"Ode to me, The Ninja.
I have ninja stars.
I can kill you.
I have the assassin star,
and the acid star.
I can kill any ninja of the ninjas.
I'm the master of ninjas.
I'm a cool ninja.
I can sneak up on any ninja on earth.
Be careful.
I can assassinate you.
So keep an eye on me.
'Cause I can sneaky camouflage in anything.
You can't get by me.
I'm the awesome ninja."

I think there's a pretty good Die Antwoord song in there.

This next one was written by one of the girls.

"My favorite movie is Monsters Inc.
Because there are a lot of closets
and I need a lot of closets
for all my clothes."

All in all, I think it was a success.

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