Girl Got Her Degree

Why have I not posted about Beth's latest achievement? I do not know.

Yes. She is officially a college graduate, with a degree that ISN'T written with crayon and posted on my refrigerator. Someday I'll get one too if all goes to plan, and considering that I didn't quite pass my placement test to take French 201, that day might be slightly farther ahead than I expected. Keep reaching for that rainbow, zack. Keep on reaching...

In related news I caused some ruckus this morning at work when I tried to fax an unofficial transcript to an online school in order to snag that French class I still need. I forgot to dial a 9 and apparently left the fax machine dialing someone's number for 20 minutes until they answered and hung up. Why do we even still use fax machines? I thought they went the way of pagers and woolly mammoths. It's a sick world we live in.

Speaking of sick worlds, you know the video-game Dance Dance Revolution? Apparently somebody made a hack that helps the dance simulator burn more than just calories.

It's called Dance Dance Immolation, where instead of just being heckled for not being Asian enough to master the gaming machine, you actually get shot in the face with FREAKING flamethrowers... and also heckled. Although the game does require the use of a flame-retardant suit, I suspect this game has a promising future with evil villains in the Saw/Hostel franchise.

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