Dinosaur Sightings

Some might say the best dinosaur is the lovely Stegosaurus, the dreaded T-Rex, or the shameful, shameful Ankylosaurus.
Personally, mine is the one you can find along the 10 Highway, right after you hit the windmills coming over the mountains into LA.

The first time I saw them I had already traveled 5,000 miles or so from Washington D.C. Somehow I hit them just in time to get my picture snagged by a photographer of the LA Times.

I'm not really sure how it happened either, but it's definitely one of my favorite stories to tell.

They're the Cabazon Dinosaurs, and if they look familiar it might be because you saw Pee-Wee Herman hideaway in one while on his own big adventure.

Or glimpsed at in an Oasis music video.

They've been around for a while, about 40 years, and like most kitschy tourist traps, you can occasionally count on finding them mostly abandoned.

They were, after all, constructed out of spare parts from the Interstate 10. To top it off, supposedly the paint on Rex was done by one of the owner's friends in exchange for one dollar and a case of Dr. Pepper.

Few people really seem to care that these massive beasts are stranded in the middle of the desert, but somehow they keep popping up in the most unexpected places.

I mention this because my dad just took a snapshot of one on the side of a bus while in DC.

How it got there and ended up holding a television, I'll never know.

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