I wasn't really sure if none of my mail was getting through, or if nobody was sending me anything, but after a few weeks I asked around and decided to call my friendly post office for assistance.

"Post Office"
"Oh hi! I actually live just up the street and I was calling because none of my mail has seemed to come through to me in the past couple weeks."
"And why is that?"
"...Um, well, I guess I was kind of hoping you guys would know. The people in charge at my apartment building said that the new mailman didn't have my name down as living at this apartment and was returning my mail to the post-office."
"Why would they tell you that??"
"...I, uh, well I don't know. I assume because that's what's happening."
"Where did you move from?"
"I'm from Washington D.C."
"And you live in Huntington Beach."
"Do you live in this apartment?"
"Did you put in a forwarding request?"
"Yes. Wait. No-"
"If you didn't put in a forwarding request then your mail won't be forwarded."
"No, that's not the problem. I'm not getting the mail coming to me from-"
"When did you put in the forwarding request?"
"-No, you don't-"
"When did you put in the forwarding request?"
"No, wait."
"When did you put in the forwarding request?! WHEN DID YOU PUT IN THE FORWARDING REQUEST?!"
"We're going in circles here. If you didn't put in a forwarding request your mail from DC won't get to you. If you just want mail from next door then put a note in your mailbox for the mailman telling him you live there."
"Oh, alright."
"Thanks for the-"
*hangs up*

And that was my annoying social interaction for the day, speaking with a total D-bag post-office lady.


Beth said...
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Beth said...

i'm sure there's an opening for her at the douche center. forward her some of that knowledge!