Seize the Day

It's early for me. That means it's before noon. And I'm tired.

So far there hasn't been much to write about today. Although I must say, this morning I followed a convertible on the way to work, and it had a license plate with the letters spelling out MR HSTRY. Next to it were two bumper stickers. One said "I THINK, therefore I'm dangerous" and "When you invite people to think, you are inviting revolution."
So I essentially met a high-school history professor who whispers "Carpe Diem" into his student's ears and does cool things like tear pages out of his required text books and teach by standing on top of his desk.

Since we're on the topic of History, I'm going to go off topic again so that I can show you my collection of messed up stuff I found online from Japan. I bet you have no idea what's going over there right now. I'm sure even if you lived in Japan, you still wouldn't understand. But let me ask you this: do you really need to?
When you have the opportunity to see a woman in a bear costume dance while wearing a backpack with a group of school-children, do you really need to ask questions?
No. No you do not.

It's not nearly the most confusing thing to come out of Japan. Frankly, I assume everyone in that culture regularly dresses themselves as bears.
No, what might actually be confusing, on a number of different levels, is the apparent success of the male bra industry in their country.
I could post the ad picture below, but frankly, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, maybe even a little jealous.

Shamefully, I missed the Japanese cultural past-time of cramming 2 kilograms of mochi into the backpacks of tiny school-children and then forcing them to run a race.

It might be the most depressing family activity in existence.
Hilariously depressing.

Finally, if you're still wondering what I'm going to send you as my annual Christmas card, well, here you go. Squid postcards.

In case your still not satisfied, here's a Red Panda eating berries.
Simple, yet cuddly.

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