Gooses, Geeses

What terrible animals.

Beth and I tried feeding the ducks yesterday at the local park while taking a lunch break. Within seconds we were quickly approached by two geese who waddled towards us with their long white necks outstretched and their toothy beaks open wide. It's a bit surprising how much they're like Velociraptors in many ways (minus the ability to open doors). We tossed them some bread too, but became distracted when we were also approached by a one-legged duck who hopped towards us. Enraptured by this seemingly Dr. Suess-esque animal, I had forgotten about our current situation.

Beth glanced towards my direction when she heard the fluttering of feathers. Suddenly she exclaimed "THERE'S A GOOSE NEXT TO YOU!"

I quickly looked down and saw the deadly eyes of a goose staring right back at me, it's beak only inches away from devouring my hand.

It was then that I screamed like a little girl and ran away.


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